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I'm Bill Elliott, an illustrator/painter/graphic designer living in Music City, Nashville, Tn. Check out my recent work here and please check out my website.

Abstract Painting Class

A few more weeks left for the Abstract Painting class I’m taking and I have to say, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. I even think I’ve learned a little something. I’m still a long way from being completely comfortable with the “style” but I don’t feel as lost as I used to and that’s worth a lot to me. Viewing the work below may go a long way towards convincing you I’m still quite lost but at least I’m having fun… what else is there, really? For your consideration: (these are posted in the order they were done from week to week by the way)Abstract-Class_BlogFace abstract-class-Blogcollage Abstract-Class-BlogPainting abstract-painting_10232014

October Surprise

The surprise is that I’m actually attending to my blog. :) Hope you are well, happy reader, (all one of you) and that the year is heading toward ending on a high note for you.

As you know, I’ve been taking some painting classes at the local Watkins College of Art and Design and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. I will post some of the images I’ve created so far in the next blog post.

I thought it might be interesting to some to see a recent painting/sketch I did from start to finish. I use the word “sketch” because I’m not sure I would say this painting is fully realized as it turned out to be more of an exercise. That’s not to say I don’t like it or don’t think it’s successful to a degree, but I do think I’ve exhausted my options with this particular piece. I think I got a little carried away with the graphite toward the finishing stages although my opinion changes from time to time on that point. I do like the colors, the “action” and even my feeble attempt at allegory, but I won’t bother with all that now. I just wanted to share the stages that went into this particular piece. I always enjoy seeing someone’s work as they’re doing it; it’s nice to sort of travel the same road in some small way. I think it gives a little insight into the creative process. At any rate, here we go…Fox-in-the-henhouse_stage_1 Fox-in-the-henhouse_stage_2 Fox-in-the-henhouse_stage_3 Fox-in-the-henhouse_stage_4

Andy the Illustrator

A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with a designer/illustrator/artist when I worked at Ingram Book Company in La Vergne Tennessee. His name is Andy Perez and he works mostly in collage. We have both moved on since those days at the ‘ol Ingramachine, I to Griffin Technology and he to The Actor’s Theatre of Louisville. He’s a great illustrator and all around good egg and I wanted to just give him a little love by posting one of his recent paintings on my ever so popular blog (maybe someday…). You can visit his web site here and I encourage you to follow him via facebook. I LOVE the brush strokes and vivid reds of this piece. Speaking of “reds”, there are some subtle variations going on here that are quite sophisticated and beautiful. Check it out.

A painting by my friend Andy Perez

A painting by my friend Andy Perez

Abstract Painting: How and Why_Night 1

So tonight was my first abstract painting class at Watkins. I’m beginning to think taking a couple of classes like I’m doing is going to be ok. Right or wrong, I don’t think I usually do very well in class situations. I seem to get A LOT more done in my studio by myself. Maybe that’s not surprising; I guess everyone is like that. Last night’s color theory class was good but when we were instructed to “do a painting” I wasn’t happy with the results. SHOCKER! I know. :) Tonight it went better though. What I did was no masterpiece, but I’m happy with where it’s going. Speaking of that, it may have arrived… not sure I’m going to do much more to it at this stage. I may use it as a launching pad for my next painting which is to say I may stay with the vague structural shapes within a landscape.

Our instructor, Richard Heinsohn spoke a bit about Turner (English painter I believe) who I’m not that familiar with but I do like his work. He (Turner) was dabbling with abstraction before it was cool. You can find some of Richard’s work here and to take a look at Turner click here. “The Morning After the Deluge” is one our instructor pointed to where he was flirting with abstraction (whether he meant to be or not). Pretty cool.

And here is my first piece from the first night of class. Hope you like…

First night, first painting...

First night, first painting…

Color Theory at Watkins College of Art


I had my first color theory class last night at the local Watkins College of Art here in Nashville, TN, my fair city (as “Click and Clack” might say). A class of about 12 I believe although 3 or 4 did not make it. The class began on a good note and I hope it will continue to be worth my while. My class mates seem laid back and friendly and the instructor is seemingly very knowledgeable. I never do too well in a class room situation somehow, though, but I will give it my best. Tonight is the second class I’m taking this semester with the same instructor: “Abstract painting: How and why”. I have high hopes for this one too. More later…