Abstract Painting: How and Why_Night 1

So tonight was my first abstract painting class at Watkins. I’m beginning to think taking a couple of classes like I’m doing is going to be ok. Right or wrong, I don’t think I usually do very well in class situations. I seem to get A LOT more done in my studio by myself. Maybe that’s not surprising; I guess everyone is like that. Last night’s color theory class was good but when we were instructed to “do a painting” I wasn’t happy with the results. SHOCKER! I know. :) Tonight it went better though. What I did was no masterpiece, but I’m happy with where it’s going. Speaking of that, it may have arrived… not sure I’m going to do much more to it at this stage. I may use it as a launching pad for my next painting which is to say I may stay with the vague structural shapes within a landscape.

Our instructor, Richard Heinsohn spoke a bit about Turner (English painter I believe) who I’m not that familiar with but I do like his work. He (Turner) was dabbling with abstraction before it was cool. You can find some of Richard’s work here and to take a look at Turner click here. “The Morning After the Deluge” is one our instructor pointed to where he was flirting with abstraction (whether he meant to be or not). Pretty cool.

And here is my first piece from the first night of class. Hope you like…

First night, first painting...

First night, first painting…

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  1. Hey there! It’s obvious we haven’t talked in quite a while. We both have such crazy schedules that it’s hard to connect. I did want to tell you congratulations on selling your tomato painting! And to say that I like the painting from your abstract class. I hope all is well~hopefully, we’ll talk soon. I love you! :)

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