Bird Painting

So I did this little watercolor bird painting a few months back and ended up selling it to the new creative director at Griffin Technology (where I work my day job). She saw a jpeg of the image and evidently was quite taken with it to my happy surprise. I was pleased with how the image came out and even more pleased someone wanted to buy it. Anyway, hope you find it as interesting to look at as I found it to paint.

Tomato Art Festival 2014

So I entered my annual painting into the Tomato Art Festival this year and it sold! Yippee! It’s always nice to sell something, sort of validates all your “fretting” and work. I hope whomever bought it gives it a good home and I hope the painting brings the new owners some little bit of happiness as it occupies one of their walls. I named the painting in honor of my good friend Ronnie Sweeney who taught me pretty much everything I know about painting watercolor. If you’re not familiar, be sure to check out the Art and Invention gallery in East Nashville. You can see the art from this year’s Festival here. Anyway, here’s my painting. Enjoy!

Greetings 2013!

Friends and relatives, family members and felons (same thing), hello and how are you? Hope this finds you well. A new year is here so I thought I’d make another one of my meaningless and meandering posts.

As I reported in one of my last posts, I am now among the employed again and I couldn’t be happier. As much as I loved sleeping late and having time to pursue my passions, evidently I need a little structure to help me get things done; not to mention a little folding money. A little “coinage” as it were, a little “love” in my pocket. So along with my part-time job at The Home Depot that I reported on last time, I am now also employed at Griffin Technologies. Griffin is a wonderful company and I’m thrilled to be there. I just hope it lasts.

Still painting and drawing of course. My most recent works on 5×5 canvas drop cloths. I will post images soon.

Recently reconnected with an old friend I once played music with and to my delight, he sent a photograph from waaaaaaaaay back in the day. I’ve posted it here. I’m the one in the “Willie” shirt on the far left. Can’t believe I was ever that skinny… Enjoy.

Me and the boys back in the early 80s. Good times.

Employed Again…

Hey peeps. Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote but I’ve been kind of busy. Finally got a job I’m happy to say. Not in my chosen field but maybe that’s not a bad thing. I think maybe I was burned out a bit. Easy to happen when you spend your days on end trying to come up with a new way to sell laundry detergent. (Not literally mind you, but a product is a product… ya’ feel me?) Day in, day out trying to convince someone to spend their hard-earned money on something they may not need or even want…it’s a questionable way to make a living I think. But I digress… The job is with an unnamed world wide company doing mostly menial labor but maybe that will help me get rid of my winter weight gain. So far it’s been kicking my butt physically and being the night shift, it’s taken me a minute to get used to it, but all in all, I’m grateful to have a job. So…just wanted to check in with anyone who might be reading my random thoughts…hello? hello? Anybody?… (all I hear is crickets…). OK, here’s a quick little silly painting to hopefully amuse you a bit and I’ll sign off for now. Be well my friends. :)